On-Page SEO Optimization

This helps search engines crawl and understand your site, which results in higher ranking of your pages in search.

Fast Page Load

If a webpage doesn’t open within three seconds, most people move on. Attention spam is becoming shorter and shorter.


HTTPS / SSL security lock ensures that no one can intercept the data that’s sent over between the browser and your site. A firewall helps prevent hacking.


A website should work well – be fast, clear, and easy to use – for your users in the first place. A strong technical foundation of your site coincides with a better experience for both users and search engines.

What we can help you with:

Page Load Speed

Nowadays, web pages need to load fast. People are impatient and don’t want to wait around. The most common mistake is adding images that are not optimized for web. Also, some plugins may slow down your website. There are also plugins that help speed up your site and improve its overall performance.

Site Security

HTTPS/SSL security lock ensures that no-one can intercept the data that’s sent over between the browser and the site. That is not enough to protect a site from being hacked. A WordPress site needs to have a firewall optimized, and a hack defense plugin such as Wordfence or Sucuri. Updating your site’s plugins and the WordPress version regularly is essential to avoiding security vulnerabilities. Security scans will show vulnerabilities or malware on the site!

Website Care Plan

We offer a monthly Website Care Plan that ensures the maximum possible security of your WordPress website.

  • daily security checks and alerts

  • weekly plugin & WordPress version updates

  • weekly performance checks & database optimization

  • monthly php server updates

  • monthly report

Price varies: $35-45 plus state tax.