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“Kate and I worked together to revamp Esperanza Shelter’s website. She was so patient because the project took longer than expected but it came out exactly as we envisioned it! Thank you, Kate, for your expertise and commitment to helping us bring Esperanza’s vital mission to our community through telling the story on our website. Looking forward to further web projects with you.”
Marcos Zubia, Esperanza Shelter, esperanzashelter.org

“Kate is lovely to work with! She is kind, professional, fast, responsive and on top of all of that she does beautiful work. Thank you for your much needed help with my website.”
Sarah Baker, Children’s Adventure Company, santafechildrensadventure.org

“Kate is an amazing professional and a pleasure to work with. She not only transformed our website, but was a great resource for all of the other plug-ins and services that I didn’t know we needed!”
RENESAN Institute For Lifelong Learningrenesan.org

“I am very pleased with all the work Kate has done for Santa Fe Environmental Inc. It is easy for our customers and user friendly!”
John Schumaker, Santa Fe Environmental Inc. santafeenvironmentalinc.com

“Kate did a beautiful job of designing the gallery page of my artwork on our website, as well as redesigning the whole website with simplicity and elegance. She took time to understand our vision and needs and approach, and honored them in her design. She responds immediately to questions and pays great attention to detail. She is experienced and makes great suggestions without imposing her ideas. She took time to explain to us how to work with the website ourselves.Highly recommend!!!”
Robert Schrei, SourcePoint Therapy, sourcepointtherapy.com

“I’m glad I hired Kate to design my website! She is professional, creative and easy to work with. She has good ideas and yet is also open to my ideas about how I want things to look. I love the website she designed for me and would recommend her without reservation.”
Irene Hardwicke Olivieri, Fine Artistirenehardwickeolivieri.com

“Kate designed my new author website. She was great. She really “got” just what I was looking for and captured who I am. She is wonderful and easy to work with. I highly recommend her work and services.”
Janie Chodosh, Author, janiechodosh.com

“Kate is awesome! Knowledgeable, keen eye for detail and artistry in website creation and best of all, responsive to help get job done as fast as possible while being accurate and patient. Highly recommended.”
Allen Lewis, Santa Fe Artists Medical Fund, santafeartistsmedicalfund.org

“Ms. Rollins is great, easy to work with, fast and very efficient! I absolutely love my website. Design is simple and straight to the point. Thank you soooo much!”
Ahna Graham, SOL Solutions Window Tinting, windowtintingsantafe.com

“I had a wonderful experience working with Kate on my web design. She is creative, responsive and thorough. I highly recommend her.”
Tana Bidwell, Home Management, essentialhomemanagement.com

“I love my new web site! Kate is so artistic and talented, responsive to my needs. I recommend her to everyone wanting their own web site.”
Barbara Ruther, Author, barbarajeanrutherbooks.com

“Kate has been my Web Designer and Web Master for 5 years. She has always given me amazing service. She’s so knowledgeable not only about Web Design, but Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. She’s completely responsive when I have any problems or want to update the site in any way. I would recommend her 1000% to anyone who’s looking to create a new website, or have someone repair or manage their website. Kudos Kate. You’re the best!!!”
Daniel Quat, Photographer, danielquatphoto.com

“I needed a new website for my artwork but knew I had neither the skills nor the patience to achieve it myself. Kate’s responsiveness, professionalism and her strong artistic sense has resulted in a website that completely met my goals: clean lines, uncluttered, attractive, easy to navigate. Kate listened, showing great patience at my endless nitpicking. My new website is now up and running, much sooner than I had anticipated and at a fair price. I would highly recommend her.”
Linda McThoy Cobb, Pencil Artist, lindamcthoycobb.com

“Kate designed the perfect website for me. She delivered what she promised and more. She was able to put together a site that reflects my personal style with a professional flare. She was easy and a delight to work with. I highly recommend her. Thank you Kate!”
Jennifer Kasander, Grief Recovery Specialist, (Bangor, PA) JenniferGriefRecovery.com

“I don’t think I could have asked for a more thoughtful or conscientious design. Working with Kate was an excellent adventure, and I’m delighted with the result!”
Anna Swadling, Authoracloudofink.com

“I was really nervous about getting a website because I’m not very tech savvy. Not only did Kate make me a beautiful website that I love, she took the time to teach me how to use it and get the most out of it. When I had a problem, she took the time again to make sure she could come up with a solution for me. I’m really happy I had Kate design my website!”
Susan Bender, Bodywork & Essential Oils Specialist, HealingEssenceOfLight.com

“Kate Rollins is wonderful! She redesigned and rebuilt my old website into a showcase, mobile-friendly, and elegant site that I am very proud of. During the redesign phase we even had an email conversation while she was in the air flying east on a business trip! I appreciate Kate being so responsive to my requests for help and am very pleased to be working with her.”
Tom Claffey, Author

“Kate is creative, responsive to your needs and FAST. I am incredibly pleased with my new website. I highly recommend using her.”
Carlos Duno, Coach, Consultant & Exit Planner, cdunocoaching.com

“I attended Kate’s Social Media marketing workshop in Santa Fe.  Kate kept the group small so the presentation was casual and interactive; helpful with the varied backgrounds of the participants. Kate anchored the workshop with a formal presentation which included an introduction to Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus and statistics on media users. Despite many interruptions by the participants, Kate answered every question with knowledge, patience and humor.  I left the workshop with a far better understanding of how social media works and the need for a better business strategy.  I’ll count on Kate to help me with that.”
Lyn A. Fox, Lyn A. Fox Fine Pueblo Pottery Gallery

“I love your work and our new website. It turned out exactly as I had hoped and I’m so glad we jumped in asap! I’ve already been recommending you to friends for designing websites, I love ours so much!”
Lorin Parrish, BODY of Santa Fe

“Kate has been helping me with SEO and general maintenance on my website and has been teaching me so much about how to improve my ranking and clean up areas that might not be effective for search engines to find me. She’s a great support to my business. I highly recommend her for web design and SEO… Thank you Kate Rollins!”
Daniel Quat, Daniel Quat Photography

“Kate has been instamental in helping so many business owners in our BNI networking group and recieves countless GREAT testamonials regularly. Our website was already in use when she took over. Kate always responds to my emails, texts & calls. She is on the leading edge of her profession and is always available, even when she is traveling. She can take care of our website from anywhwere in the world. I trust Kate with our family business and reccomend her higly. We see the value she brings to all of her clients, by seeing her portfolio & learning how she transforms website from duds to winners!”
Gabriel Garcia, The Auto Angel

“Finally, someone who knows what they are doing! My website was really outdated and Kate is quickly bringing it back to 2017 with current technology that’s attracting more inquiries into my business.”
Jane Phillips, Geyser, LLC

“I loved working with Kate and I love my website! Not only did Kate create a beautiful and professional website for me but also, she taught me (very patiently) how to edit and amend it. The work that Kate does and the value of her services are extraordinary. If you want a website designed with panache, you must choose Kate to do it for you. ”
Adrienne Gottlieb, The Gottlieb Group

“You’re a wonderful person, Kate. We wouldn’t be here today, in large measure,  if it wasn’t for all you do for us. I can’t tell you how much we all appreciate you!”
Melissa WilliamsJourneySantaFe.com

“Kate did a fantastic job of re-doing our website (peacdesign.ca), making it SEO friendly, and refining it as needed. She has a great eye for what looks good and a very competent programmer for when she needs help in making her ideas come to life. She also continues to support our social media sites. We’ve worked with her for 3 years and haven’t regretted a moment.”
Robert McNarland, PEACDesign.ca |PEACPainting.com

“We just had our website rebuild by Kate with mobile friendly version,  and she is updating it regularly, and also helping us with Social Media Marketing. Everything is doing very well. We are happy working with you, Kate!”
Rem Yildirim, Arrediamo Santa Fe

“Kate, your conversation, questions, and suggestions showed me what I had been missing in a website person. I always kinda’ felt like it was me being clueless. With you it is okay for me to be clueless because you have it covered.”
Terry Lee Morris, ElderWise, LLC Administration & Advocacy for Seniors,  www.MorrisAdministration.com

Kate was masterful in setting up all my social media outlets. She is fast and a real wiz! I highly recommend her expertise.”
“Kate, the recent [socila media] posts look great. In addition to many other things, you are a very good researcher! You’re the best. I couldn’t be more happy with how things look!
Christopher White, Author/Journalist,  www.facebook.com/ChristopherWhiteBooks

“Kate, you are awesome, I am so glad I hired you to cover the Social Media and website for FNL! I feel a new level of energy all because you have helped me nurture the side of this business that is not my specialty. You are clearly theexpert!”
Barbara Gates, CPA, Friday Networking LunchFNLSantaFe.com

“Kate, thank you for your excellent work on the website that showcases our three family companies. The sites convey the simple elegance we wished to express and your helpful ideas as we went along really helped to form the complete design. And, we have had no issues with the functioning of the programming involved – it came as a nice solid piece of work. That shows the kind of high qualitypeople you have working for you.
Robert McNarland, PEACDesign.ca |PEACPainting.com | PEACCoatings.ca

Kate’s work was exceptional. We appreciate that Kate listened to our goals and offered creative concepts that optimized our message to our consumers, regulatory agencies and stakeholders. We are extremely happy with the results.
Ramon Lucero, ElValleWaterAlliance.com

“Thanks Kate! I’m so impressed with how fastyou can get the new art up and updated on our site, thanks so much for all of your hard work for us!”
Sara Shawger, Gallery822.com

“I met Kate and liked her personality right away. I asked for her help with my website. We had a very creative session at her office. With several texts and emails (ok lots of both), we were both quite excited about how it was progressing. I appreciated Kate’s honesty and professionalism. She kept tweaking items even after we had signed off on it. I can recommend Kate Rollins Web Design as a top notch partner in your web business. Panache and style are definately her strengths!
Lianne Cohen, LianneCohenPhotography.com

“Kate has provided us with exceptional service at a fair price. She has always responded to our requests in a timely and professional manner. Thanks for the great work Kate!”
Scott Robinson, GatewayMortgageSantaFe.com

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